Member Artist Window Showcase

MMAC Building

Member Artist Window Showcase

The MMAC windows on Broadway are a showcase for our member artists. We feature one artist monthly in a dedicated front gallery window, on our website, and social media accounts (email, Facebook, and Instagram). Read Anne Ravenstone (February 2021) and Dean Schroeder’s (March 2021) feature articles.

MMAC member artists will be randomly assigned one month of the year. When you are chosen, we will notify you in enough time to create a new art piece if you wish.

Juan-Manuel, a new member/volunteer who helped design our holiday window display has extensive knowledge in design, art, retail, fashion, and merchandising. We are working together to create new opportunities to display our culturally diverse artist community.

Follow the instructions at the left and submit the form below to participate in the Monthly Artist Spotlight!

—Donna Deiner

Requirements for Selection

1. An MMAC Membership

2. A one-paragraph artist statement explaining why this piece was created including a narrative pertaining to this specific piece. (See example here.)
3. The title, medium, dimensions, and price of the piece.
4. An artist biography.

5. What inspired you to create this piece.

6. The art piece to be showcased during your assigned month.


a. Artwork will be in the window approximately for 30 to 31 days according to which month you are schedule for window.

b. The showcased artwork should be available for sale benefiting both MMAC as well as the artist and must have been created within the last two years.

c. If your displayed showcase piece is purchased, MMAC will retain a 30% commission from the sale. Please price accordingly.

*** If you would like to be part of this exciting new endeavor for you and MMAC, please respond to this post ASAP. ***


Note: Any one art object valued by the member artist at $3500 or above must be documented by a recent, qualified appraisal. This appraisal must be accepted by the Manzano Mountain Art Council’s (MMAC) insurance carrier, Farm Bureau, prior to acceptance for consignment.

If you would like to be featured but are not a member, learn more here. Member artists with an interest in the Artist Spotlight, contact Donna Deiner by completing the form below.

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