Mission & History

Our Mission

The Manzano Mountain Art Council showcases the artistic and creative talents within the central mountain and valley communities of New Mexico. Our programs serve to 

  • inspire and nurture youth
  • foster creativity
  • celebrate diversity and the arts
  • encourage connections with nature, people, and cultural history
  • create economic opportunities
The History of Manzano Mountain Art Council


Kim Mason (Moriarty, NM) created the Torrance County Arts Council in 1994 to develop a summer arts program for school children. She recruited people interested in supporting the arts. In the summer of 1995, Kim was ready to hand the group off to someone else. Mary Shultz felt Kim’s plan held a lot of value to the region. Mary invited local artists to meet at the Hummingbird Café (Mountainair) in November 1995. A dozen people attended and agreed that the art council was a great idea. Mary Schultz was elected the first president. She served in 1996, 1997, 2006, and 2007.


The town of Moriarty served as the fiscal agent for the art council. The earliest efforts were to provide art programs for the entire county (Torrance, New Mexico). The Main Street Program, housed in the county courthouse, assisted the art council in planning art tours, publishing brochures, and mailing expenses. Over time, the council obtained 501(c)(3) status and became more of a Mountainair-based organization. Thus, the name changed to Manzano Mountain Art Council.


By 2020, MMAC produces the Mountainair Sunflower Festival, Primavera Multicultural Festival, West Fest, de Profundis at Quarai, Winter Lecture Series, Fall Music Series, You are the Artist workshops, and Gallery Art Exhibits incorporating the many cultures represented in the Manzano Mountain region. For the Mountainair public school students and area youth, MMAC offers evening Art Club, summer arts for the Land Grants, and Art After School. 

Notable People


Joining Mary Schultz, Dale Harris and David Poole contributed to the growing organization. Dale, whose husband (Scott Sharot) owned the Hummingbird Café, launched Live Poets. The bard’s monthly meetings evolved into the annual Poets and Writer’s Picnic. 


The annual de Profundis performance at the Quarai Ruins was organized by Scott Sharot and David Poole. MMAC and de Profundis have organized that outdoor late summer event ever since. 


Past presidents include Mary Schultz, Ray Simmons, Roy Kirby, Ray Terhorst, Tomás Wolff, Kent Potter, Shirley Simmons, Bert Herrman, Weiland Elstner, Gayle Van Horn, Anne Ravenstone, and Pat Havens.

Historic Building


The Manzano Mountain Art Council formed in 1995 (formerly Mountain Arts on Broadway) to provide a creative space for Mountainair area youth, residents, artists, and community organizations. 


MMAC Center provides a space for:

  • Community art projects
  • Classes and workshops
  • Dance, music, theater, and other live performances 
  • Studios for professional artists
  • Public space to rent for parties, lectures, and meetings
Community Murals

MMAC has sponsored many community art projects including numerous mosaic murals in the Mountainair region.

Decorative Tin, Mustang Plaza (2020)

Sunflower Fence Mural (2015)

Benches Dedication (2014)

Mosaics Installations (2014)

Mosaic Bench Workshop (2014)

MMAC Building Mural

Tribute to Mountainair

Tribute to Mountainair

Meds & More Mosaics

Salinas Pueblo Missions Monument Mural

B Street Market Mosaic

Library Mosaic

Senior Center Pictograms

Senior Center Mosaic

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