Ellen Ashbrook, Yoga

Ellen AshbrookEllen’s teaching focuses on body awareness and postural alignment. She encourages the adaptation of poses through the use of appropriate supports (chairs, blankets, yoga blocks) to allow each individual to experience the poses with optimum alignment. She assists her students to improve awareness of their own bodies, breath, and sense of well-being. Many students attending her classes are new to yoga, beginning their practice between 50–80 years old.

Ellen teaches yoga Monday and Friday mornings. Classes are currently offered through Zoom. In-person classes are held at the Manzano Mountain Art Council in Mountainair, New Mexico. She has taught yoga through MMAC for 8 years.

Ellen Ashbrook received her yoga training at High Desert Yoga in Albuquerque. She completed a 500-hour teacher training program and became a registered yoga teacher (RYT 500) in June 2012. She has lived in Torrance County for 20 years.

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Ellen Ashbrook Class
Ellen Ashbrook Class

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