Repurposing Canvases for New Projects

Young Arts Club

Repurposing Canvases for New Projects

The Young Arts Club members were in their creative space this afternoon.
Thanks to MMAC member, Rebecca Anthony’s generous donations, they re-purposed
used framed canvases while learning about the ingredients and techniques for gesso application. Gesso is costly due to its main ingredient (limestone) and the process of grinding the limestone into powder so it can be mixed with liquid and then applied to canvas.
Young Arts ClubYouth Art Music and Culture supporter, Pop Artist Craig Kersten, demonstrated how acrylic paint can be used as an inexpensive substitute for gesso but may take several coats for an effective application.
Club members also spent time learning about Papier-mâché (French meaning “chewed paper,” “pulped paper” or “mashed paper.”) The first use of paper mâché appeared around
200 A.D. in China. Old uses were coffins and masks in Egypt, painted boxes in Middle/Far East and Kashmir, doll heads in England, and sculptures in Mexico.  Modern uses for Papier-mâché are carnival floats, theatrical sets, puppetry, and war-time decoys.

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