This Event is OVER: March Lecture Series

This Event is OVER: March Lecture Series

Manzano Mountain Art Council welcomes you to the “March Speaker Series” at the MMAC event center.


Saturday, March 12


MMAC Art Center

Arlene Perea

Controlled Burns in the Manzano Mountains

Range Management Specialist, Arlene Perea will present a talk and answer questions about procedures and policies regarding controlled burns in the Manzano Mountains.

Saturday, March 5


MMAC Art Center

Josephine Padilla
Author of “Under the Red Tin Roof”

Josephine shares her memories of Manzano encompassing several Zamora generations and includes stories about the red tinned roof home, which was Josephine’s family home and served as a mercantile business for over 40 years in the 1800’s. The book and lecture is a memoir about her culture, struggles, wildlife, crops, music, poems, dancing and traditional food recipes.


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