Presenter Form for Mountain Arts on Broadway (MAOB)
122 E. Broadway Ave. (at Ross Ave.), Mountainair

If you wish to be a presenter at the art center, please complete and return this form. Charge is $5.00 per hour for use
of the building and an additional setup/takedown charge of $15.00. There is no charge if you are providing the
class/event for free. You will receive confirmation of your presentation around the 25th of the month for the following
month. MMAC reserves the right to accept or deny presentations.

Publicity, including your information below, will be sent to MMAC email distribution lists, web sites, Facebook and
Mountainair Announcements Blog. All publicity for events at MAOB must include that MAOB is sponsored by
Manzano Mountain Art Council.

1. Name of presenter:  

2. Phone no.:  

3. Email address:  

4. Brief presenter qualifications/description:  

5. Title of class:

6. Brief outline of content:

7. Proposed date(s) and time(s):

8. Length of class/lecture session in hours/minutes:  

9. Proposed fee/other costs for attendees:  

10. Proposed audience (eg, adult, family, children, etc.):  

11. Items audience needs to bring (art supplies, exercise mat, etc):  

12. If pre-registration is needed, give deadline:  

13. Anticipated size of class (limited to 50):  

14. No. chairs, tables needed (supplied by MAOB):  

15. Audio-visual equipment presenter is using (must bring your own):  

16. Refreshments (if desired, presenter must supply):  

17. Check if presenter does not wish phone no. or email address to be publicized.   

18. Other information:  

Please call in or email above information to:
  Art Center Director, Kent Potter, 505-847-0295, or
Tomas Wolff, 505-847-2444,

Mail this completed form and payment to:
  Manzano Mountain Art Council (MMAC)
PO Box 534
Mountainair, NM 87036-0534